April 26, 2008

Is There A Chemical Cause To Your Acid Reflux?

Cause of Acid RefluxDo you remember what it was like to really be healthy? If you’re like most acid reflux sufferers that?s a hard question to answer. For many of us, it?s just been too long to really recall, ?Maybe before I started letting stress into my life, or before I started eating out, or perhaps it was some far off time before I started taking prescription drugs?? Perhaps we should start by honestly asking, ?Why are you suffering??

For the millions of people like you who are suffering from the scourge of recurring heart burn, I?m going to help you answer that question today, with safe and easy natural cures for acid reflux disease, once and for all.

Are you aware that without asking, more than 8,000 chemicals were quietly, slipped into our food chain over the last 30 years? That?s not counting all the drugs we consume like crazy these days either. In order for you to protect your health, you first need to recognize the enemy and then be willing to pick up and bare arms. That?s right, you must be willing to throw off your gloves and make a commitment for an all out, full engagement for lasting health.

What I mean is, if you truly desire to know why you are suffering, you need to at least stop adding to the problem of toxic overload as much as possible. For one, antacid products use aluminum hydroxides, magnesium hydroxides and aluminum phosphates to stop stomach acid production.

For one, Aluminum phosphate is suspected to cause gastric mucosal calcinosis (GMC). It is likely accelerated bone demineralization may be a result of long-term aluminum containing antacids.

Also, taking antacids can block vital vitamins and minerals triggering deficiencies that may contribute to a slowing down and weakening of the esophageal peristalsis, or your throat muscle?s ability to swallow.

Further, stopping the production of stomach acid messes up vital functions such as; digesting food, inhibiting bacterial growth and more. When your acid production is chemically neutralized, the body responds by producing even more acid to rebound into the sensitive throat and mouth areas.

By now, you, like me will agree that seeking complementary solutions to modern health problems is the best choice. It is clear that pharmaceuticals (including OTC Products) are NOT The answer. They cannot heal you of any condition, like antacids, they only hide the symptoms of a bigger problem your body is attempting to tell you.

It?s time to nurture, protect and repair your body the way Mother Nature intended since the dawn of time . . . it?s time to return to the healing path.

Find out what foods make you vulnerable to acid reflux and how to avoid the many negative side effects of acid blockers . . .

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May 22, 2008

Ann Bradley @ 7:30 am

The best money I spent was for your cure for acid reflux! I rarely use anything now, and almost never have any problem, I eat what I want, with in reason, and I just do not think about it like I used to. Thank you.

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