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January 6, 2011

Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux symptoms are your body/mind’s attempt to communicate with you to help prevent a possible disease from happening.

When you allow a state of stress, discomfort and dis-ease to consume your every waking moment it’s only because you stopped reading the writing on the wall.

Taking drugs to cover-up your body/mind’s signs and symptoms is no different than white-washing over that writing on the wall. The writing appeared upon this “proverbial wall” so you would take heed and pay attention to a message.

Symptoms of acid reflux disease are the same as clues to help you find the cause of your suffering. Think of that Intelligent Design which is your miraculous “biological you” and its having a communication issue with the distracted “worldly you.”

The worldly you is the part of you that’s kept distracted by all the clamor and clatter your 5 senses are constantly picking up from your “outer” environment. The symptoms of your acid reflux are a cry for help, a plea for you to pay attention to the goings on “within” you.

. . . So you’re too busy to listen to your own body/mind trying to tell you not to eat so late at night, trying to tell you certain foods don’t mix well, trying to tell you it’s on your side.

When you pop antacids to relieve your acid reflux symptoms you are telling your body/mind to shut-up. This isn’t a healthy relationship to have with your miraculous healing self.

It’s exactly this type of bad behavior that leads to your acid reflux symptoms getting worse until it’s a problem or disease.

If you had a crying baby would you put duct-tape over its mouth or would you care for it and find out why it is crying?

Silly question isn’t it?

Of course you would care for the child and if it didn’t cry out you would have never known it was time to change its diaper, feed it or just give the child some genuine love.

Overcoming your symptoms of acid reflux is easy when you use this same genuine care.

Acid reflux symptoms are your body/minds way of crying out to you and popping antacids and other chemicals to hide those symptoms is like duct-taping the crying baby.

Why are we taught to be so insensitive to our own needs?

It’s been said before that if you can’t love yourself first you can’t offer love to another. This is “the secret of the miraculous power of healing” . . . it’s called love thyself. It’s the best way to get to know you!

As you already know, you can only give what you already have . . .

Acid reflux symptoms are a cry for love. When you love someone you are willing to listen to them, right?

So why ignore your acid reflux symptoms? Why would you want to neglect the cry for help? Your inner intelligence is what keeps your 60,000,000,000 cells in the harmonious concert we call life, all it needs is your love and attention . . .

Obviously the cause of your dis-ease is the same cause of your acid reflux symptoms.

The cause of any disease is rooted in your losing touch with your inner own healing voice . . .

So be willing to listen to your own inner healer and perhaps one day you will be able to do more than help heal yourself of acid reflux symptoms and disease . . . perhaps someday you will help remind someone else they have the power to choose healing too.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 28, 2010

Food For Acid Reflux

The food you eat is the most important factor for controlling your acid reflux, that and keeping optimistic thoughts.

Knowing you can cure your acid reflux with natural remedies and acting upon that belief is the name of the game.

You can experience healing in your life at every level, but it needs to begin first with your thinking patterns. If you believe you can, or believe you can’t . . . either way you are correct.

To be frank, you’re not likely to eat the right foods to help cure your acid reflux if you don’t believe you can be healed.

The belief in healing is paramount.

That’s why big drug companies spend billions of dollars in advertising trying to keep you in a state of fear, doubt and hopelessness.

Because once you discover for yourself that you don’t need to hide your acid reflux symptoms with drugs, you’ll begin to see the light.

Healing your acid reflux is simple. All you need to do is work with your body instead of against it. Your body has a built-in natural intelligence. That’s how it keeps regenerating and functioning doing the amazing things it does.

Remember doctors are only “practicing” medicine. If they knew how to work with your body/mind and its amazing natural healing intelligence, they wouldn’t be trying to fix your health challenges with drugs.

Acid Reflux Relief

Your acid reflux is NOT a drug deficiency . . . it’s caused from not eating foods that nurture an alkaline environment.

The environment inside your body determines whether you suffer from acid reflux or not.

For optimum health your inner environment must maintain an alkaline state. The only area inside you that should be acidic is your stomach acid and the waste your body is trying to eliminate.

Foods that will prevent, treat and cure your acid reflux provide natural healing cofactors called minerals and nutrients. These minerals and nutrients create a balanced alkaline environment which generates just enough stomach acid . . . not too much and not too little.

Try eating more raw vegetables and fruits in-between smaller portioned meals- also try drinking naturally alkaline water between meals. Naturally alkaline water has a high level of electrons, oxygen and minerals . . . the Japanese use coral tea bags to optimize their water . . . in fact people that drink alkaline water between meals live longer, healthier live- that’s a fact.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 7, 2010

Remedy For Acid Reflux

They call it Intelligent Design (ID) and it is how leading scientists are learning to understand the natural healing remedies within the remedial body. Everyone likes a good remedy and many people devote their lives to understanding remedies whether they’re for acid reflux, diabetes or even cancer.

What’s even more interesting that most people overlook is “where” the remedy comes from. It’s common to build on a natural remedy once discovered to, let’s say, cure acid reflux dis-ease, but how often have you stopped to consider “where” the natural remedy for acid reflux came from?

I’m not asking “who” came up with the natural remedy for acid reflux, there is no who. As you learn more about natural remedies, the more it becomes an inward journey or personal experience beyond the ordinary.

A healing experience isn’t something you make up, patent and sell; it’s the way you experience the Intelligent Design (ID) that connects all things.

The source of the natural remedy for acid reflux comes from this connection, a once hidden connection that is now being revealed.

Nature holds no secrets; remedies first seem like secrets if you don’t understand where they come from.

A remedy is a healing process that takes two things;

1.?????? Mind (Intelligence)

2.?????? Nature (Design)

When you suffer from acid reflux your mind feels stomach acid burning in places it doesn’t belong. Despite the Intelligent Design (ID), something has gone out of balance and the acid reflux is a sign of this. Once you understand the “language of healing” you can see that the remedy for acid reflux and the symptom of acid reflux are really two aspects of the same thing. At least this is the way naturopathic practitioners see it.

Once you experience your own natural healing remedy you will begin to understand the language of symptoms. The worst thing you can do is ignore the symptoms of your own healing language.

Your Intelligent Design (ID) is a self healing process called life. That’s what life is, it’s a regenerating, restoring and revitalizing process of natural remedies.

When you’re starving to death, you know what the remedy is. When you’re dying of dehydration you know what the remedy is . . . so if you have the symptom of acid reflux, you already have the remedy,

Ask someone who had acid reflux and has experienced natural healing personally to help you. Remember you are the final authority on your health; you simply need to discover your natural ability to listen better to yourself. Until then study and mingle with people who understand the language of remedies . . . acid reflux is a sign you’re not listening to what your own Intelligent Design (ID) has been trying to tell you.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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December 1, 2010

Foods For Acid Reflux

It’s not hard to find foods that cause acid reflux they’re all around you, everywhere you drive, walk or shop. You can’t help but see a food billboard, a food sign or even pick up a food advertisement on the radio or TV that’s selling you on eating out.

Who doesn’t like to eat out? It’s convenient and sometimes even fun. Fact is you end up paying for your fast food pleasures in more than one way.

People who eat out a lot are prone to more health problems, especially acid reflux and related food caused dis-ease.

Truth is acid reflux isn’t always caused by the food you just eat as much as the food you’ve been eating all along. Sometimes the food you just eat is like the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

So eliminating a few foods to avoid acid reflux attacks isn’t as easy as it seems. If you eat healthier foods more often you could enjoy a piece of pizza or that pasta dish once in a while, it wouldn’t matter.

So just giving you a list of foods for acid reflux isn’t what you need. You need to know what eating habits cause your acid reflux so you can get rid of it for good.

It’s a scientific fact that when you remove the cause of anything it can no longer have an effect. Your acid reflux is an “effect,” you just need to find the cause and address it properly.

Curing acid reflux with food doesn’t need to be rocket science.

Some people suffer from acid reflux from eating foods that are missing necessary nutrients, minerals and cofactors they need to support proper digestion. Heartburn, acid indigestion or acid reflux, whatever you want to call it, it’s still just a simple digestion issue.

Most people end up making a mountain out of a molehill because instead of addressing the cause of their acid reflux problems they add to them.

One way of making them worse is to take antacids. The Swedish scientists proved to the world that antacids are useless- they’re nothing but a money making gimmick.

The sad thing is if you take antacids for your acid reflux, you’ll never get around to changing the foods and the eating habits giving you acid reflux in the first place.

I suppose if someone sold a pill that prevented drunkenness people would just drink more alcohol, but that doesn’t change the fact that alcohol is bad for your health.

Same goes for taking medicine to block your acid reflux symptoms. You’re just ignoring the reason you have acid reflux . . . just because your “symptom free” doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

The solution is to NOT eat anything you’ve been eating and drinking. Start over by eliminating everything at once and then add only real healthy foods throughout the day.

Do your due diligence and discover which foods deliver health benefits, like optimum digestion for starters. Get some probiotics, enzymes and ocean minerals in you. Look into a plant-based diet high in raw foods from plant sources.

The largest animals on the planet eat plants and lots of them too. Copy nature, return to your roots and change your life the right way.

Don’t just trick yourself by eliminating this food and that food, you’ll be popping pills and chugging gallons of medicine doing it that way. To reverse your acid reflux stop eating the foods you’ve been eating, stop eating the amounts of food you’ve been eating and change the time of day you eat foods too.

Reverse your food and dining habits and you’ll reverse your acid reflux dis-ease.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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