December 22, 2010

Foods to Eat With a Stomach Ulcer

If you have a gastric ulcer, you may be searching for helpful foods to eat with a stomach ulcer. Often, a stomach ulcer can cause meal time to be terribly painful, and the thought of eating can be unappealing. However, eating the right foods in the right amounts can sometimes allow your body to heal and prevent pain that often results from eating.

What to eat

Certain foods are easier to digest than others, and when an ulcer is involved easy digestion is vital to helping it heal. Foods that are low in fat, whole grain breads, lean meats like pork or poultry, and fish are among the ideal things to eat when you’re trying to let an ulcer heal. The important thing to remember is to provide your body with balanced nutrition to give it the proper building blocks to heal. Vitamins and nutrients found naturally in foods are extremely beneficial to helping the body heal. Foods that are high in antioxidants like blueberries and cranberries can help the healing process along.

What not to eat

While a bland diet isn’t generally recommended for treatment of an ulcer, you may want to avoid foods that cause indigestion and heartburn. Things like citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, and anything that is high in acid should be avoided. Spicy foods, onions and garlic are also known heartburn triggers and can be counterproductive to the healing process. Additionally certain drinks like anything containing caffeine and alcohol shouldn’t be consumed, as they stimulate acid production which can be harmful to particularly delicate stomach lining when there’s an ulcer involved.

Additionally, certain medications should be avoided if you have an ulcer, including pain killers. Pain killers have been known to cause ulcers. So when you’re trying to allow one to heal, resist the temptation to take any, as you may get another ulcer or worsen the one you have as a result. While ulcers can be particularly painful, pain killers will not help in this department. And, taking a pain killer for another problem like a headache or back ache while you have an ulcer can complicate things by worsening your ulcer. Regardless of whether they are prescription or over the counter, your intake of pain killers should be severely stemmed when you have an ulcer.

How much to eat

When it comes to healing an ulcer, the amount of food you take in can often be as important as what you take in. Eating large amounts of food at once can cause a pressure build up in your stomach, which results in pain and can seriously slow the healing process for your ulcer. So, eat smaller meals more often. That way you get the same amount of food, just stretched over a longer period of time. This keeps your stomach from being bombarded by a ton of food all at once, making it easier to manage and break down the smaller amounts. That keeps acids down to a minimum and creates a better healing environment for your stomach.

For more information on what foods to eat with a stomach ulcer, what to avoid, and natural ways to help relieve pain from an ulcer, visit today!

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