May 4, 2008

Recurring Acid Reflux May Be Telling You You

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Acid Reflux Natural Treatment Americans and Europeans take more calcium and ironically suffer from more joint disease than any

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Antacids May Be Causing Massive Nerve Damage!” I talked a little about the importance of minerals and vitamin D in your diet and how it can help balance normal stomach acid levels. Consider also that calcium cannot be absorbed properly without the miracle of magnesium. Too little magnesium triggers a pH imbalance that actually raises acid levels in your blood and tissues leading to weak

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ability. Low stomach acid levels reduce levels of beneficial intestinal bacteria needed for the absorption of magnesium. The reason you are suffering from acid reflux is that your food is NOT being digested properly due to an imbalance of healthy minerals, especially magnesium. Sounds too easy? Read on . . . Unfortunately misleading information about the causes of acid reflux is adding insult to injury unknowingly. For instance, drinking a glass of milk or taking antacids with your meals will reduce stomach acid levels even further (the opposite of what you really want to do). But instead, eat an apple or even a lemon which will alkalize you and provide needed enzymes. You will see there is definitely a connection between your suffering and lack of electrolytes (minerals). You do need some calcium too, so if you don?t get enough your body will take calcium from your bones to neutralize pH acid levels in your blood and tissues. Truth is without magnesium, calcium cannot enter your cell membranes and ends up hardening arteries, creating stones and weakening stomach acid production. That?s why magnesium is more important than calcium. Research shows that 68% of individuals in the US do not consume the RDA of magnesium, and 19% consume less than half of the RDA of magnesium. Plus these statistics are based on a government standard that is set too low. Research shows that compared to our ancient ancestors we are consuming too little magnesium. In our ancient ancestor?s day, our diet ratio of calcium to magnesium used to be 1:1, compared with a 5:1 to 15:1 ratio in modern day diets. Today we average ten times more calcium than magnesium . . . verifying an undeniable magnesium deficiency. The list of associated disease caused from a

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Without adequate magnesium your body cannot make or use protein, which leads to even more acid waste lowering a healthy pH to dangerously acidic levels. Now back to calcium . . . I was surprised to learn an over abundance of calcium can block other minerals from absorbing by 60-70%! Another report that I found states that too much calcium removes potassium and magnesium from the body and may actually inhibit the absorption of iron. And as I mentioned before aluminum (used to remove build up in pipes) blocks the absorption of magnesium . . . that?s another reason to stop taking antacids and using antiperspirants which contain ample amounts of toxic aluminum. Just taking mineral supplements will not guarantee that the minerals get into your

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cells. The best sources are food sourced or liquid sourced minerals that already have a natural balance of minerals that work together. You will be amazed how simply adding lemon to your diet and eating an whole apple one hour between meals can help alkalize your body . . . therefore addressing the root cause of your acid reflux simultaneously. Live well, Martin Jacobse Medical Investigator

P.S. If you are interested in the miracle of alternative medicine Joe Barton has the best natural remedy for recurring acid

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reflux, “Reflux Remedy System“.


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Comments on Recurring Acid Reflux May Be Telling You You

November 10, 2008

Reflux Remedies @ 12:32 am

Do any of these remedies assist for babies breastfeeding that suffer from reflux if the mother takes supplements and/or implements the diet suggestions?

January 3, 2009

Denise Kinzie @ 10:25 am

Where does Barrett’s fit into this equation? Can you still, safely, follow all the advise, or is it a different ball game?

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