June 12, 2008

Fluoride In Your Water May Be Aggravating Your Heartburn

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If you’ve been following my latest articles on the root causes of acid reflux, you learned how aluminum can block vital minerals

and other nutrients needed for proper digestion. But that’s not the only reason to avoid aluminum exposure . . . scientists have suspected for years that aluminum deposits in the brain may also contribute to Alzheimer’s disease as well as many other disorders.

Here are a few sources of aluminum exposure you should be aware of:

???? Aluminum cookware


Soda pop cans

???? Antacids

???? Antiperspirants

???? Baking powder

???? Bleached flour

???? Process (fake) cheese

???? Table salt

???? Municipal water

The truth is aluminum is part of a healthy diet when derived from normal food sources in trace amounts. However today you are exposed to abnormally high amounts of aluminum from other sources. Too much aluminum disrupts healthy mineral absorption, interfering with normal stomach acid levels, triggering painful heartburn, acid reflux and poor digestion.

Simply put, acid reflux is usually the first symptom of a serious mineral imbalance and excessive aluminum is associated with calcium, magnesium and copper deficiencies.

The common myth is that acid reflux is caused from too much stomach acid, but more often than not it is the lack of it that is the real instigator. If you’ve tried everything else and you’re still suffering form heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion . . .

Why not at least consider trying a different approach?

By first eliminating all aluminum from your reflux diet, including cooking with aluminum foil and eating with aluminum utensils you can begin to make a positive change. The next step is to find a natural way to increase your magnesium levels. Magnesium will help your body get rid of the toxic levels of aluminum already in your body.

Fluoride Actually Increases The Absorption Of Aluminum Into Your Body.

Fluoride is a waste product from the production of aluminum. Aluminum is not found as a pure source in nature and must be extracted from a combination of other raw materials, creating fluoride as a by product.

To make matters worse the FDA began allowing municipal viagra soft water facilities to add Aluminum sulfate to drinking water, as a so-called “purifier. This has been going on officially since 1974. Of course studies support the theory that the amounts are negligible. Yet I find it suspicious like the first studies “proving” the ant-cavity power of fluoridated water that were funded by the aluminum industry.

Yet before deceiving health authorities that fluoride was safe, it was only approved as an insecticide or for rat poison.

If you don’t believe me then I guess it’s only a coincidence that fluoride increases the absorption of aluminum and no ill-harm was intended. Yet regardless of whether it was intentional or just very profitable is really beside the point now, isn’t it?

So I hope starting today you will begin eliminating aluminum from your diet and seek nature’s solution to your recurring acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion problems.

Simply drinking natural mineral water can help stop your acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn pain. Quality mineral waters have been cherished for ages for their ability to cure all sorts of illnesses and imbalances. Restoring a healthy mineral balance has undeniably been proven to improve overall health.

So what do you have to lose but your misery and misconceptions about heartburn and the risk of developing GERD, ulcers and leaky gut syndrome.

I sincerely hope I have been of some help here to day.

Live well,

Martin Jacobse

Medical Investigator

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June 14, 2008

jUDY @ 5:21 pm

I find that when I am in need a chiropractice treatment that I have acid reflux. After a treatment it goes away.

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