December 18, 2009

Unleash the Power of Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

acid reflux remedies

For many people, sitting down to a meal is like taking a seat under the Sword of Damocles. Suffers of chronic acid reflux know that it is just a matter of time before the food they enjoy becomes the source of great pain as the stomach rebels, sending stomach acid into the esophagus and turning their own saliva into a powerful irritant.

If you suffer from acid reflux pain, you have no doubt visited several doctors in hopes of finding an acid reflux cure. These doctors have most likely put you on prescription medications, which seem to be working. However, should you stop taking these medications, your acid reflux symptoms will soon return. Even worse, your body may get used to the medications and your reflux could return in spite of them.

Get Started with Your Acid Reflux Treatment

A very effective acid reflux home cure is using apple cider vinegar. It may sound counter-intuitive to use an acid to solve a problem of an overly-acidic stomach, but it works! Mix a couple of teaspoons in with water and drink the concoction while you are eating and it will help control your post-meal reflux flare-up.

Fennel seeds are another effective natural cure for acid reflux. This herb is very helpful in assisting with proper digestion because it contains anethole, which helps control the movements of the stomach. Chew half a teaspoon of these seeds immediately after eating and you will find that your reflux symptoms are either greatly reduced or do not occur at all.

Lavender tea is another effective way of controlling acid reflux naturally because of its calming effect on the stomach and the rest of the body. You can pick up some of this tea at your local grocery store. Pour boiling water over a tea bag and let it steep for five minutes. If you like, you can add a little honey for flavor and added pain relief. Drink this twice a day and you will notice your reflux symptoms subside.

Other Acid Reflux Remedies

These three remedies are by no means the only ways to cure acid reflux naturally. The list of effective natural remedies is too long to include here. However, you can find an all-encompassing list in our Acid Reflux Remedies Report, which is available through our website. The report only contains those reflux remedies that have been fully researched and been found effective for an acid reflux cure.

Don?t let chronic acid reflux pain ruin your love of eating. Learn how to cure heartburn and reflux by downloading your copy of our Reflux Remedy Report today. We are so sure our information will produce the results you desire that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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