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February 28, 2011

Foods to Avoid Acid Reflux

You can avoid foods that aggravate your acid reflux, but the truth is as long as you ignore the true cause of your acid reflux, it hardly matter what you eat.

In fact, the quantities of what you eat is just as important, if not more so, than avoiding certain foods.

You want to avoid foods that are difficult to digest and if you can’t avoid them, at least cut down on them.

Acid reflux is triggered from your stomach’s inability to digest your food. Contrary to what most people are told to believe, acid reflux is usually worsened by a lack of digestive acids, salts and enzymes.

Eating animal protein and foods that are high in animal fats or hydrogenated oils and refined sugars really just make your acid reflux symptoms worse.

Public health policies should be made based on proven scientific facts. It’s a scientific fact that taking antacids for acid reflux more often than not makes acid reflux symptoms worse.

One of the proven causes of acid reflux is from not getting enough natural RAW plant sourced minerals and salts. Avoiding refined table salt and processed salt added to many packaged foods is good, but eliminating any natural nutrient can lead to stomach acid depletion.

Unprocessed salt plays an important role in supporting proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Raw unprocessed gray sea salt or Himalayan salt is vital in the enzyme process called salivary amylase, which is the first step in your digestive process taking place in your mouth.

Without adequate salt, you might as well just avoid all food, especially hard to digest ones.

Your acid reflux is caused from lack of digestive ability. If you had too much stomach acid you’d be digesting food just fine, but having symptoms of acid indigestion indicate you’re not digesting well.

Inside your cells, called parietal cells, your stomach acid is made from sodium chloride . . . this hydrochloric acid is the most important digestive juice you make.

Avoiding raw plant-sourced nutrients will deprive you of critical mineral salts, including sodium. Your cells need a balance of potassium and sodium to breathe in and out. If potassium is greater than sodium, your enzyme metabolism loses its ability to make hydrochloric acid (stomach acid).

If you’ve been avoiding animal products to fight acid reflux, you may be eating too many cooked vegetables and process grains . . . you need to avoid these too. If you can’t stop eating those things, then you must supplement with raw salt to help your enzyme metabolism.

Avoiding one cooked food for another won’t help you acid reflux because cooked foods lack minerals and enzymes . . . so you need to add natural enzymes and minerals.

Avoid eating all cooked foods, unless you supplement with RAW salt. As far as eating grains goes, if you eat unsoaked grains and legumes, then the phytic acid on the grain hull with block even more minerals from making a balanced supply of stomach acid.

The best way to eat grain is sprouted. There are sour dough and sprouted grain products that are easy to digest and very high in nutrients.

With salt present, the acidity of the partially digested food is able to trigger off some needed natural sodium bicarbonate, derived from the supply of sodium chloride, as well as enzymatic and bile secretions from the gall bladder and pancreatic ducts . . .balancing digestion and curing acid reflux.

Bottom line, by avoiding foods with natural salt no digestion is possible, which leads to acid reflux . . .

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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February 3, 2011

Acid Forming Foods

Foods that form acid are foods that are generally not really good for your health at all.

When you make a lifestyle habit of eating acid forming foods eventually you’re going to have symptoms of acidosis and there are quite a few of them too.

Alkaline forming foods are the foods that are generally good for you, mainly because your entire life process depends on you being slightly alkaline, or salty.

Acid forming foods demand that your body take on the task of neutralizing those acids and the only way it can do that is to activate an immune response, triggering inflammation and releasing calcium and magnesium from your bone and teeth.

Eating acid forming foods all the time can really tax your mineral and nutrients stores.

Once these acid forming foods have depleted most of your minerals, it will become almost impossible for your 60,000,000,000 cells to communicate electrically, plus this also inhibits your cells abilities to absorb vitamins.

Having a state of acid imbalance, or acidosis also decreases oxygen and invites anaerobic organisms (breathe carbon dioxide) to thrive.

Bacteria that cause ulcers as well as viruses and fungi can only survive and grow in an acid body.

You may think if you have too much acid in your body that taking antacids would help . . . actually they make it worse. Antacids, especially Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) are notorious for causing bones and teeth to thin, weaken and break.

You simply can’t fool Mama Nature . . . you always end up paying a hefty cost later on, one way or another.

Acid forming foods are things like high fructose corn syrup, white flour, hydrogenated (Trans fat) oils, animal protein, especially cow’s milk and other dairy products. In fact cow’s milk is 87% casein, a type of animal protein they make glue out of.

The animal protein is one of the worst culprits of acid forming types of food, that and sugar.

It is well documented that acid forming foods increase the risks of degenerative and inflammatory diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Alkaline forming foods are rich in ‘ionic’┬áminerals, which act as electrolytes conducting cellular signals, increasing oxygen and attracting vitamins into your cells.

Acid forming foods draw you nearer to death, whereas alkalizing foods help heal.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 5, 2010

Diet for Acid Reflux

The Standard American Diet (SAD) leads to acid reflux. It?s time for the SAD to be HAD . . . the Healthy American Diet (HAD) is the opposite of everything most Americans are doing now.

If you suffer from acid reflux and you want to reverse your acid reflux before it becomes a fully fledged dis-ease, you need to reverse your SAD diet.

That?s why I call it the Healthy American Diet (HAD), because it offers everything you need to prevent, treat or cure your acid reflux, heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux dis-ease (GERD).

Acid reflux is from consistently eating the same standard things that most Americans eat.

So if you suffer from acid reflux and feel the dis-ease, you are NOT alone. The symptoms of overeating unhealthy foods is nothing new, it?s been around sense the beginning of time, ever sense people began eating.

The problem is American food corporations (Big Food) have made an art of creating dietary dis-ease.

Acid reflux is a dietary dis-ease.

You?re not the only one who was raised to eat a ?square? meal 3 times a day. The reason the American Medical Association (AMA) is so rich and powerful is because Americans have been stuffed with lies and slowly led to slaughter.

Leaving your two choices:

1) You can get a life-time membership with your local Disease Care Management system

2) Step away from the SAD plate and turn a new leaf eating the way nature intended.

If you are experiencing acid reflux or know someone who is the worst thing you can do is blame yourself.

It?s NOT your fault.

Sure, maybe you eat too much and you eat the wrong things, but you can?t help it.

The Standard American Diet (SAD), Big Food and the federal regulatory agencies that condone these atrocities upon humanity are the ones to blame.

Waiting for the world to change its ways isn?t going to reverse your acid reflux and the dis-ease you suffer from. It?s going to have to be all up to you from now on to take back control of your diet and help cure yourself naturally . . . unless you?re comfortable going down the road you?re going down.

Your so-called ?square? meals are the foundation of your acid reflux and ill health. The Healthy American Diet (HAD) is all about eating an ?unbalanced? diet limited to only foods that are actually good for you and because they are hard to find these days, unless you grow your own garden, you?ll eat less too. If you eat 50% bad food and 50% good food that?s a balanced diet. The sad thing is most people eat 90% bad food and 10% good. So that?s why the Healthy American Diet (HAD) is unbalanced, but tipping the scales toward the good.

Your acid reflux won?t get better without your determination to make positive diet changes.

Try it. Eat less, more often. Try 5 or even 7 meals a day. Keep em small and nutritious and only eat when you?re hungry, but don?t eat until you?re full . . . always leave a little space for hunger. If you do this your acid reflux will disappear and you?ll have more energy and feel better.

Your SAD diet caused your acid reflux dis-ease and distress , so if you HAD it with being sick and tired, try the new Healthy American Diet and kick your acid reflux to the curb once and for all.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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December 3, 2010

Acid Reflux And Diet

Acid reflux begins and ends with your diet.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is partly to blame for the pandemic of the degenerative health issues that plague our country.

People have been misled to believe if they eat a balanced diet that everything will be alright. On top of that, the whole SAD industry of food delivers the final death blow with chemicals and toxic additives.

The mass manufacturing of processed foods that make up the Standard American Diet (SAD) is slowly deteriorating the health of people, young and old.

If you just consider the US Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is based on what is nutritionally acceptable for rodents, human health and wisdom has a long way to go.

Leading scientists agree that calorie restriction can help significantly increase lifespan and overall health.

Calorie restriction is NOT a balanced diet.

Degenerative dis-eases like acid reflux are triggered from eating that stereotypical balanced diet.

Americans are literally starving from a nutritional deficiency, even though they consume more food stuff than any other nation. The empty SAD calories are missing the minerals, nutrients and cofactors because of poor farming practices, sterile soils and over processing.

Where there was once abundance there is now less than nothing. What is less than nothing? The answer is anything negative or harmful to your health. ?Nothing? would be neutral, but the so-called food in America is poisonous, worse than nothing would be.

America?s food is riddled with excito-toxins like aspartame and monosodium glutamate and saturated with refined oils that are toxic, like canola oil and corn oil, which trigger inflammation and add to toxicity levels. Not to mention artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives.

Acid reflux is a dis-ease caused from chronic deficiencies, namely ?ionic? minerals, enzymes and plant based nutrients. If your cells are deprived, your organs will be weak and if your organs are weak your immune system will be vulnerable to being over burdened.

Your acid reflux is a result of poor diet.

The first step to improving your health and reversing your acid reflux is to take on an ?imbalanced? diet. You need to stop eating the wrong foods, cut them out of your diet completely. This means calorie restriction, which is all about eating only enough of the good foods to strengthen your mind/body energy levels.

Over eating robs you of energy, especially when you?re eating unhealthy foods that are poisonous to your cells, organs and well being.

Eat an unbalanced diet that is made only of healthy foods rich in plant based proteins, beneficial fats and natural ?ionic? minerals.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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