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February 28, 2011

Foods to Avoid Acid Reflux

You can avoid foods that aggravate your acid reflux, but the truth is as long as you ignore the true cause of your acid reflux, it hardly matter what you eat.

In fact, the quantities of what you eat is just as important, if not more so, than avoiding certain foods.

You want to avoid foods that are difficult to digest and if you can’t avoid them, at least cut down on them.

Acid reflux is triggered from your stomach’s inability to digest your food. Contrary to what most people are told to believe, acid reflux is usually worsened by a lack of digestive acids, salts and enzymes.

Eating animal protein and foods that are high in animal fats or hydrogenated oils and refined sugars really just make your acid reflux symptoms worse.

Public health policies should be made based on proven scientific facts. It’s a scientific fact that taking antacids for acid reflux more often than not makes acid reflux symptoms worse.

One of the proven causes of acid reflux is from not getting enough natural RAW plant sourced minerals and salts. Avoiding refined table salt and processed salt added to many packaged foods is good, but eliminating any natural nutrient can lead to stomach acid depletion.

Unprocessed salt plays an important role in supporting proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Raw unprocessed gray sea salt or Himalayan salt is vital in the enzyme process called salivary amylase, which is the first step in your digestive process taking place in your mouth.

Without adequate salt, you might as well just avoid all food, especially hard to digest ones.

Your acid reflux is caused from lack of digestive ability. If you had too much stomach acid you’d be digesting food just fine, but having symptoms of acid indigestion indicate you’re not digesting well.

Inside your cells, called parietal cells, your stomach acid is made from sodium chloride . . . this hydrochloric acid is the most important digestive juice you make.

Avoiding raw plant-sourced nutrients will deprive you of critical mineral salts, including sodium. Your cells need a balance of potassium and sodium to breathe in and out. If potassium is greater than sodium, your enzyme metabolism loses its ability to make hydrochloric acid (stomach acid).

If you’ve been avoiding animal products to fight acid reflux, you may be eating too many cooked vegetables and process grains . . . you need to avoid these too. If you can’t stop eating those things, then you must supplement with raw salt to help your enzyme metabolism.

Avoiding one cooked food for another won’t help you acid reflux because cooked foods lack minerals and enzymes . . . so you need to add natural enzymes and minerals.

Avoid eating all cooked foods, unless you supplement with RAW salt. As far as eating grains goes, if you eat unsoaked grains and legumes, then the phytic acid on the grain hull with block even more minerals from making a balanced supply of stomach acid.

The best way to eat grain is sprouted. There are sour dough and sprouted grain products that are easy to digest and very high in nutrients.

With salt present, the acidity of the partially digested food is able to trigger off some needed natural sodium bicarbonate, derived from the supply of sodium chloride, as well as enzymatic and bile secretions from the gall bladder and pancreatic ducts . . .balancing digestion and curing acid reflux.

Bottom line, by avoiding foods with natural salt no digestion is possible, which leads to acid reflux . . .

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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February 25, 2011

Acid Alternative Reflux Treatment

An alternative treatment for acid reflux should address more than the symptoms of acid indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux.

Nothing ever happens at the symptom level, change is ONLY possible at the causal level.

Before you go running off to your drugs store to get an Over-The -Counter (OTC) antacid, you may find it in your best interest to see a doctor.

I know heartburn doesn’t sound like something to see a physician or licensed health practitioner over . . . but it is.

Millions of acid reflux sufferers make the mistake of treating their acid reflux symptoms as if they were caused from too much stomach acid. When they do that, they risk the danger of simple heartburn symptoms escalating into life threatening health conditions like acid rebound, GERD and throat cancer.

Fact is most people actually suffer from acid reflux symptoms because of quite the opposite reason; they have too little stomach acid.

The best thing you can do is make sure you are treating your own acid reflux symptoms correctly.

When your acid reflux, heartburn and acid indigestion symptoms are really persistent you will want to request that you have a stomach acid test.

Acid indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux are some of the most mis-treated and mis-diagnosed health problems in America.

The drug companies depend on you and your doctor believing the Direct-to-Consumer advertising spiels you’ve been bombarded with all your life.

It’s vital you question everything, even if your doctor tells you something is true, verify it. Never be afraid to ask questions and if you don’t feel you got a good answer, then get 2 and 3 medical opinions. Learn to investigate acid reflux and other health issues yourself. If you do your due diligence, you’ll naturally ask better questions about how to best treat your acid reflux.

The treatment for increasing your stomach acid and your ability to properly digest foods is totally different then the treatment for acid reflux caused from lack of digestive acids and enzymes.

Your stomach as well as your entire enteric digestive system depends on you choosing a treatment that will provide adequate nutrition. The right eating habits can help, however if your ability to digest your food down into molecular sized nutrients is inhibited from lack of stomach acid and acid reflux symptoms . . . eating right may only be part of the right treatment for your acid reflux symptoms.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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January 4, 2011

Home Remedy For Acid Reflux

Finding a home remedy for acid reflux is a trial and error process simply because everyone is different.

Beyond our personal differences there is an underlying uniformity, what leading scientists call ‘intelligent design’. Understanding how your body really thrives is the key to healing anything, especially acid reflux.

A home remedy for acid reflux will work better for one person and perhaps not at all for another because of several factors. Some people need remedies for a bundle of health problems including allergies and food sensitivities, not just acid reflux.

Sometimes the remedy is to discover what you are being exposed to in your home environment in regards to food, water and the air you breathe.

As you already know one of the main triggers of acid reflux is from eating the wrong foods. There is a very good reason these “wrong foods” can cause acid reflux . . . because they’re simply bad for you.

Often the best home remedy for acid reflux is to eliminate whatever is triggering your heart burn and gastric indigestion.

It’s not only the type of foods you eat at home, but what’s inside or on the food, including pesticides and herbicides, not to mention bacteria from foods processed with reclaimed sewer water.

Another hidden danger lurking in the homes of Americans that can contribute to your digestive health being compromised is Genetically Manufactured Organisms, or commonly called GMO foods.

Anything in that lowers your cellular energy levels will eventually upset your digestive system, which can become a hidden factor when looking for a home remedy for acid reflux, heart burn and acid indigestion.

At first glance you may think that there couldn’t be a connection between these things and your acid reflux. Yet the truth remains true . . . conventional medicine still doesn’t have a cure for your acid reflux disease, acid rebound or gastric esophageal reflux disease (GERD).

That’s why you’re looking for a home remedy in the first place, isn’t it?

Drinking a glass of milk is a home remedy for some people suffering from acid reflux, but for others the animal fat, indigestible protein, antibiotics, growth hormones, and lactose sugars can trigger acid reflux.

Drinking natural mineral water an hour between meals can help remedy acid reflux, but if you drink water, or any beverage, with your meals your digestive acids become even more diluted and can trigger acid indigestion as well.

So keep hunting for the real cause of your acid reflux . . . eliminating the cause is your best home remedy.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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October 7, 2010

What Does Heartburn Feel Like?

If you?re asking how heartburn feels you obviously have never experienced it.

Imagine nearly the most corrosive substance know to man, hydrochloric acid (HCL) splashing up into your sensitive mouth area, again and again and again.

Why does this happen?

Besides the fact that we eat too many processed foods, Americans have been lied to by antacid manufacturers. These so-called antacids actually produce what?s called a stomach acid rebound affect.

You see, the layers of your stomach are very complex and don?t have any problem holding down a bubbling cauldron of caustic acid so powerful it will ?etch? a glass window.

All this volcanic, blistering nasty stomach acid is kept down below by muscular valve called the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). Now I see two schools of thought which describe exactly how the stomach acid gurgles its way past this esophageal flap.

One idea claims that the stomach acid over powers it, weakens it and allows the forbidden elixir of brimstone and digestive acids to eat their way up into your more sensitive oral cavities.

The other more feasible explanation of how the bubbling curd works its way upward into your mouth, nose and middle ears is because the undigested stomach contents are bulging and piling upward forcing the flap to compromise its integrity.

You see, in actuality most people have difficulty properly digesting food when they get older because they suffer from mineral and nutrient deficiencies. These nutritional deficits are caused from eating a lot of enzyme-barren foods, forcing the pancreas to make enzymes that are usually hidden within raw fruits and vegetables. This also taxes the bile producing gall bladder of important minerals necessary to make stomach acids.

So now here we are, gut full of food eaten days ago, maybe longer, just slowly fermenting like a cow?s belly, simply because there?s no more stomach acid or enzymes left to break it all down faster.

This bulk, presses up ward causing gas, heartburn and acid indigestion, cramps, flatulence and the rest of it. But what?s bad is the body is working hard to produce a much needed ?mega burst? of gastric acid and when it lets it go, it has nowhere to go but up, because your stomach is already stuffed to the brim.

In this case ?the brim? is referring to the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES).

Now use your imagination. What?s going to happen is noxious stomach acid, from your guts HCL surge, is going to shoot straight up where it should never be. The deep burning sensation is your flesh being etched, blistered and chemically peeled away; the rancid disturbing taste is horribly indescribable.

Over time you?ll experience gum disease, loss of tooth enamel and permanent ?non-kissable? breath. In fact your breath may get so bad no one will want to even talk with you without a ten foot pole to keep a safe distance.

I haven?t even touched on the damage the gastric fumes and stomach acid particles have on your lungs.

This acid reflux situation is so serious it can end up mutating your throat?s tender lining into cancerous leather capable of handling large gulps of hydrochloric and sulfur acids.

Once your throat cells have transformed to literally become more like the stomach lining your Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is likely to progress into throat cancer . . . not a good situation and I don?t want to even imagine what that feels like.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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