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January 13, 2011

Indigestion Symptoms

Keep in mind your symptoms of indigestion originate from a common cause, no matter how many symptoms you end up with.

The reason one symptom of indigestion becomes two, which becomes more than you can deal with is because the cause of the problem and its solution are being kept apart.

If you desire to stop your indigestion symptoms you must first stop ignoring them. As you already found out treating your symptoms of indigestion into chemical oblivion isn’t the right way to respond to your miraculous body/mind.

In fact even though you may seem successful at controlling your symptoms, whether they are acid reflux, esophagitis or inflammation of your digestive system . . . the truth is you are making matters worse by ignoring the root.

Taking drugs burdens your kidneys and it is your kidneys that are fighting to eliminate the real cause of your indigestion symptoms.

Yes, your kidneys are eliminating the cellular waste and environmental toxins that have overloaded your sensitive digestive system . . . help them!

Did you know your central nervous system, your endocrine system and your digestive system are your collective master immune system?

Some scientists call your digestive system the second brain because it works alongside the brain producing and releasing its own neuropeptides, anti-inflammatory agents and a whole pharmacy of natural pain killers and amazing healing agents.

Your druggist is playing copycat with Mama Nature and guess what? Your body/mind knows the difference.

If you are suffering from symptoms of indigestion it should tell you there is a battle going on to restore balance way down at the cellular level.

Taking artificial drugs made to chemically interfere at the cellular level is an attempt to over-ride your miraculous healing body/mind process.

Drugs introduce an alien challenge for your kidneys to deal with. It?s as if your cells are crying out for bread and the doctor gives them a stone instead.

This need not be!

Indigestion symptoms are signs that you need to start helping your immune system by strengthening your healing digestive system beginning at your cellular level.

Don’t burden your cells with artificial molecules. Nurture your body/mind’s own inner pharmacy by empowering your cells with the right water, air, sunlight, minerals and nutrients.

Indigestion symptoms are an effect. They are like ripples that will point to the origin of the problem, which is exactly where you will discover your natural solution.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 7, 2010

Remedy For Acid Reflux

They call it Intelligent Design (ID) and it is how leading scientists are learning to understand the natural healing remedies within the remedial body. Everyone likes a good remedy and many people devote their lives to understanding remedies whether they’re for acid reflux, diabetes or even cancer.

What’s even more interesting that most people overlook is “where” the remedy comes from. It’s common to build on a natural remedy once discovered to, let’s say, cure acid reflux dis-ease, but how often have you stopped to consider “where” the natural remedy for acid reflux came from?

I’m not asking “who” came up with the natural remedy for acid reflux, there is no who. As you learn more about natural remedies, the more it becomes an inward journey or personal experience beyond the ordinary.

A healing experience isn’t something you make up, patent and sell; it’s the way you experience the Intelligent Design (ID) that connects all things.

The source of the natural remedy for acid reflux comes from this connection, a once hidden connection that is now being revealed.

Nature holds no secrets; remedies first seem like secrets if you don’t understand where they come from.

A remedy is a healing process that takes two things;

1.?????? Mind (Intelligence)

2.?????? Nature (Design)

When you suffer from acid reflux your mind feels stomach acid burning in places it doesn’t belong. Despite the Intelligent Design (ID), something has gone out of balance and the acid reflux is a sign of this. Once you understand the “language of healing” you can see that the remedy for acid reflux and the symptom of acid reflux are really two aspects of the same thing. At least this is the way naturopathic practitioners see it.

Once you experience your own natural healing remedy you will begin to understand the language of symptoms. The worst thing you can do is ignore the symptoms of your own healing language.

Your Intelligent Design (ID) is a self healing process called life. That’s what life is, it’s a regenerating, restoring and revitalizing process of natural remedies.

When you’re starving to death, you know what the remedy is. When you’re dying of dehydration you know what the remedy is . . . so if you have the symptom of acid reflux, you already have the remedy,

Ask someone who had acid reflux and has experienced natural healing personally to help you. Remember you are the final authority on your health; you simply need to discover your natural ability to listen better to yourself. Until then study and mingle with people who understand the language of remedies . . . acid reflux is a sign you’re not listening to what your own Intelligent Design (ID) has been trying to tell you.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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