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February 17, 2011

Natural Heartburn Treatment

Your best road to natural heartburn treatment is to NOT treat your heart burn naturally or unnaturally. Treatment is a double-edged sword. The word treatment makes it sound as if you are doing something important to eliminate your heartburn, but there’s no such thing as natural treatment.

Get Rid of Heartburn Only drugs treat diseases and treating your heartburn with drugs will only turn it into a disease.

Treatment suggests addressing the symptoms of your heartburn somehow, natural or not.

Pizza and milk are natural, right? Combined in massive quantities these two natural items will give you acid reflux for sure. Milk is 97% casein, an animal protein used to make glue . . . it’s very hard to digest and pizza is also full of cheese, which is another form of milk, along with refined, enriched flour full of plant toxins like gluten, phytic acid (a mineral blocker) and refined sugar (an inflammatory.)

I can give you a thousand examples of how the Standard American Diet (SAD) has betrayed the best interest of your digestive system and left you suffering in heartburn ally.

The word natural can also be misused and misunderstood as well. Just because something is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Back to the treatment of your Western diet pattern triggered acid reflux . . . nothing; absolutely nothing . . . ever happens on a symptom level. The heartburn treatment, whether natural or drug-related, is fooling you into believing you are making a change to your heartburn by blocking or masking the symptoms.

Your acid reflux symptoms are the effect of your poor dietary habits and the only way to rid yourself of heartburn symptoms isn’t to keep treating them, but by eliminating them.

It’s no mystery that treating your heartburn symptoms only allows the real cause of heartburn to continue to create bigger health problems for you.

Stop treating your heartburn and start eliminating the cause of your heartburn.

Did you know that heartburn is caused from a stomach acid deficiency 90% of the time?

Did the doctor prescribing your heartburn treatment test you for stomach acid?

Probably not. If you were tested and they found a lack of stomach acid was causing your acid indigestion and heartburn, they wouldn’t make much money off your problem.

Lack of stomach acid has been linked to lots of health issues not only heartburn, but adrenal fatigue and a whole cluster of symptoms they can sell more drugs for.

Why worry about naturally treating you acid reflux or even looking for other unnatural ways for treatment of your heartburn . . . simply eliminate the root cause of your heartburn symptoms.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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