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January 3, 2011

Natural Acid Reflux Cure

All great science comes from observing nature . . .

Your natural acid reflux cure is the one solution that eliminates all the complications associated with acid reflux disease.

The only excuse for ‘treating your acid reflux symptoms’┬áis if you really don’t know what the cause is. When I see acid reflux sufferers taking antacid drugs over and over again to cover up their embarrassing and painful symptoms, I know they’ve been fooled to believe there’s no natural cure.

Not only are these antacid drug products potentially harmful in themselves, ignoring whatever started your acid reflux imbalance is a dangerous game indeed.

Nothing is quite as important as taking care of your digestive health. Your immune system, central nervous system and brain and heart all depend on a smooth running digestive system.

Healing your acid reflux with a natural cure is the right way to fix the problem.

It is natural for you to NOT have acid reflux. That should tell you, even though your doctor doesn’t know the cure, your mind/body already does.

I’ve learned the hard way to not take my health for granted, that’s why I’m a health advocate. By simply having a spirit of thankfulness you will discover the natural cures that will heal your acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Relief

Discovering how to work with your natural healing process starts by appreciating the miracle of being well in the first place.

You have the symptoms of acid reflux because you took this natural healing function for granted . . . you rode it hard and put it away wet and so by using a natural cure for your acid reflux, you will discover something powerful about yourself.

Great scientists have always learned from observing nature . . . it’s completely natural to cure yourself. You don’t need a doctor to help you get acid reflux and you certainly don’t need one to find a natural cure either.

The natural power to cure your acid reflux is all yours . . .

Health is balance and balance fuels vitality. Simply taking antacids to be symptom free doesn?t make you healthy . . . healthy is beyond being symptoms free . . . being cured of acid reflux is simply the return to your natural pathway.

The science of healing is the expression of natural law . . . it’s a proven way of restoring balance and vitality without interfering with man-made drugs.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 28, 2010

Natural Cures and Acid Reflux

You already know natural cures for acid reflux are the answer your looking for, but that’s not all your looking for. Deep down you know that if acid reflux can be cured with natural remedies why shouldn’t anything be curable, right?

Think about that for a moment. Since when did you even start to entertain that anything, no matter what it is whether it is acid reflux of cancer, couldn’t be cured with natural remedies?

Do you see the madness?

How in the world did we all get brain washed into thinking the worst instead of the best? It’s as if all our rich culture from thousands of years has been stolen from us. I mean seriously, I have a bone to pick with all this hopeless thinking that seems so rampant.

What happen to America’s great melting pot of natural remedies? Did the melting pot boil away and water down all our family wisdom and common sense?

Of course natural remedies cure acid reflux and anything else. To say natural remedies don’t heal is like saying all these health problems aren’t caused by unnatural causes.

There are still places where people generally live dis-ease free and they also live extra-ordinarily long lives. So tell me if all the acid reflux and the rest of it isn’t caused from unnatural causes then why doesn’t the great almighty medical industrial complex cure acid reflux?

To the contrary, the medicines manufactured for people who suffer from acid reflux have been proven to make acid reflux worse-haven’t you heard of acid rebound syndrome?

Acid rebound is caused from taking antacids, it’s caused from ignoring the real cause of acid reflux and because the drugs create chemical dependency, they create another market where people are suggested to participate in . . . the market of buying into more medicines that cover up acid reflux, acid rebound and gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) . . . or even lead to surgeries.

Sure drugs will always play a role in medicine . . . but please, let’s not forget the science.

The Healing Edge of scientific evidence points to the fact that food can cure. Your acid reflux can be cured with positive thinking and right eating . . . it helps to include a healthy lifestyle in there as well.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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