hyperplastic hypersecretory gastropathy

November 17, 2010

Images of Gastritis

It?s nearly impossible to share images of gastritis without a biopsy, but one form of damage caused from gastritis can be seen? through x-ray and sometime endoscopic inspection.

This disease is called M?n?trier disease (also known as hyperplastic hypersecretory gastropathy,

This image of gastritis is from a distortion of the mucus producing tissue, or mucosal folds, causing them to enlarge making the stomach lining look more like the ridges on the surface of the brain.

Imagine the gastritis irritating the normally protective mucosa lining trigger? the cells to make more mucus to the point that the tissue often becomes ulcerated.

Picture these glands eventually wasting away, losing water, minerals and a protein called albumin. This image of gastritis gone out of control ends up causing an albumin deficiency. Albumin is the most abundant protein in human blood plasma and makes up about half of your blood plasma.

So now visualize gastritis destroying half of the protein production of your blood cells . . . not a pretty picture is it?

Now this image of gastritis has really gotten worse because without half the albumin protein in your blood your body can?t maintain proper water pressure, transport thyroid? hormones or fat soluble fatty acids to the liver, flush out (bilirubin) waste from bile and urine, bind calcium ions, balance pH and prevent the breakdown of folic acid.

So as you can see the image of a healthy body can be totally destroyed by gastritis.

The image of this type of gastritis disease is so severe that the only treatment other than a high plant based protein diet, is to have a gastrectomy, which means either part of the stomach or the entire stomach must be surgically removed.

Picture living without a stomach!

High resolution images of chronic gastritis through endoscopic examination reveals that gastritis is associated with helicobacter pylori. This is the ulcer triggering bacteria that has been shown to be successfully cured with alkaline water.

You can avoid images of gastritis and ulcers by avoiding chronic dehydration, also known as biological draught.

It?s common for health practitioners to mistakenly treat the many symptoms of biological draught as a disease like gastritis or peptic ulcers. There is real science that proves that proper alkaline hydration can protect your body?s internal terrain. This terrain, refers to the balanced alkaline pH of your cells and tissue.

The only thing that should have an acidic pH in your body is your stomach acid. Gastritis images may very well be caused from a simple reversal of proper pH. This causes the opposite effect? of a balanced pH and wrecks havoc on your stomach, liver, blood cells, heart, endocrine system and more.

The image of gastritis means the stomach is lacking its normal acid pH, ultimately causing it to have to be removed.

So follow your gut feelings and learn to help prevent dis-ease by staying hydrated with alkaline water rich in ?ionic? sea minerals and eat plenty of plant-based proteins.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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