January 24, 2011

Acid Reflux And Coffee

Coffee has nothing to do with your acid reflux symptoms or its cause.

There is a lot of misleading information going around. For instance blaming coffee on your heartburn . . . there simply isn’t any science to back that up.

In fact most everything blamed on causing acid reflux is a bunch of malarkey.

Certainly there are many foods available that are less than healthy for you and many that are downright harmful. The problem is you’ve been over eating for years, combined with a less than idea lifestyle and the stress of day to day living has all taken its toll on you, taxed your health and virtually bankrupted your nutritional status,

Too many people allow themselves to be misled by all the direct-to-consumer advertising they’re bombarded with in this country. By the way those obnoxious ads that acid reflux sell drugs directly over your TV or radio are illegal in every country in the world, accept the US and New Zeeland.

That’s why Big Pharma makes more money than all the 500 fortune companies added together, including coffee growers . . . acid reflux drugs happens to be a large part of that profit margin.

No one is going to trade up their morning coffee for acid reflux; it’s easier to just pop some toxic antacids all day long, believing it’s the coffee or some other food.

You are an exception to most people simply because you do your own research; I commend you for that . . . you wouldn’t be reading this if that weren’t true.

In doing my research I found a 20 year study that followed approximately 44,000 men and 84,000 women who drank coffee. The study revealed that coffee is safe and may even have some cardiovascular benefits.

How can coffee be beneficial to your heart health but cause acid reflux? Simple, coffee doesn’t cause acid reflux; it has nothing to do with it. That doesn’t mean that drinking coffee can’t trigger your acid reflux . . . anything can ‘trigger’ your acid reflux, especially when you over eat or lie down after eating a lot.

Coffee relaxes people, helps them focus and if you drink 3 cups a day may help lower age-related cognitive decline . . . so stop your acid reflux by not over eating and drink more coffee.

None of the coffee studies say anything about acid reflux. True coffee can temporarily raise blood pressure, but it isn’t a cause of hypertension. All I can say is I would stay away from non-organic coffee because of all the pesticide spraying going on these days . . . I also like to add cacao nibs to my coffee drip maker . . . it tastes great and adds magnesium a natural muscle relaxant.

Overconsumption and under-nutrition is the cause for your acid reflux, not coffee.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 21, 2010

Symptoms Of Acid Reflux In Women

The symptoms of acid reflux in women are the same as the acid reflux symptoms for men. One outstanding difference is women tend to be more susceptible to nutritional deficiencies than men. This is most likely due to the fact that they can grow babies and men obviously do not.

The more nutrient deficient you are the more likely you’ll suffer from acid reflux, which is a double edge sword for women because suffering from acid reflux means you’re not absorbing enough nutrients from your food.

What many woman don’t understand about their acid reflux symptoms is that sometimes it’s because of a lack of stomach acid rather than an over production of it.

A woman’s body needs specific nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Just as important, if not more so are the 72 trace minerals that help make nutrient absorption possible.

If you’re a woman and you suffer from acid reflux triggered from a stomach acid deficiency, you most likely are also suffering from a mineral deficiency as well.

Fortunately, you can get plenty of minerals and nutrients from following a Mediterranean-style diet. Not only do woman who eat a Mediterranean -style diet have less deficiencies and therefore less health problems like acid reflux, they actually live longer too. At least that’s what articles published in the British Medical Journal and the Archives of Internal Medicine show.

At the University of Athens, Greece, their medical school did a study with more than 70,000 women who didn’t have any major diseases like heart disease, stroke and cancer. All of them were over 60 years old and data was taken concerning their lifestyles and diets for 8 years.

Bottom line is a Mediterranean diet was linked to a significant reduction in mortality.

I challenge any woman to increase here quality of life by eating more naturally, like Mediterranean woman do and I’m sure you’ll find your acid reflux problems disappearing once and for all.

What does one have to do with the other? Based on my personal research, eating healthy naturally cures acid reflux in men and woman. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a “sad” joke played upon the American people. I hope to soon publish the Healthy American Diet, which will be an improved version of the Atkins diet-stay tuned!

A focus on raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat dairy products, low intake of red meat, low intake of refined grains, and avoidance of fried foods meets the wide variety of nutrient needs for people suffering from acid reflux, whether a man or a woman.

Acid reflux caused from a stomach acid deficiency is a nutritional imbalance just as an acid reflux from an over-production of stomach acid is- both can be cured by eating a healthier more intelligent diet.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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